The Unexpected Perspective
The Implications of Darwin and the Big Bang for Christians ... and Everyone Else


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Announcing My New YouTube Channel

I'm pleased to announce my new YouTube video channel.  I'm launching it with a series of short videos that provide simple explanations of my book.  Feel free to share it your friends who don't care to read a book, but might love watching short videos that explain the book.  Click on the "Subscribe" button and you'll automatically receive new videos as they're posted.  There will also be other interesting videos on topics related to science, technology, ethics and Christianity.  I hope you enjoy it!  Click here to see "The Unexpected Perspective" YouTube channel.

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Carl Treleaven is an entrepreneur, author, strong supporter of various non-profits, and committed Christian. He is CEO of Westlake Ventures, Inc., a company with diversified investments in printing and software.


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