The Unexpected Perspective
The Implications of Darwin and the Big Bang for Christians ... and Everyone Else


Carl Treleaven is available for speaking engagements. Below are his various speaking topics.

Speaking Topics

  • How Darwin and the Big Bang Theory Actually Affirms What Christians Have Always Believed (available in the following ways):
    • 20 minute talk
    • 1 hour talk
    • Half day workshop/seminar
    • Full day workshop/seminar
  • How Darwin and the Big Bang Theory Can Help Christian Evangelists
  • How Darwin and the Big Bang Theory Can Help Christians Respond to the Challenge of Secular Humanism
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Charles Darwin, the Big Bang, and Secular Humanism
  • Why Non-Christians Should Care About What Christians Think of Charles Darwin and the Big Bang Theory

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Carl Treleaven is an entrepreneur, author, strong supporter of various non-profits, and committed Christian. He is CEO of Westlake Ventures, Inc., a company with diversified investments in printing and software.


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